Luxurious Rose Teddy Bear

$69.99 $89.99
The Most Loving Gift For Any Special Occasion

Shaped like a teddy bear ready for a hug, Ted Rose is a unique bouquet with exquisite aesthetics! It's the perfect alternative to overused bouquets for notable occasions.

Unlike the bouquet, Ted Rose will never die out and keep its deep colors and lovely look forever! Stitched by hand, it holds firm so you can even embrace it with a hug!
Every bouquet pales in comparison to the vivid colors and loving grace of Ted Rose! Make it a truly memorable gift so that your gesture stands out in the hearts of your loved ones!


It's something everyone will enjoy- From weddings to birthdays, Ted Rose brings heart-warming emotions to all its future owners!

A gift from nature - Made from hundreds of exquisite roses, Ted Rose is nature’s most beloved gift you can bestow on your closest!

An eternal bouquet- Ted Rose will never lose its vivid look to stay forever in the hearts and homes of the ones you love!

Ted Rose is the ultimate choice - Distilling the beauty of the bouquet and the loving aesthetic of a teddy bear, Ted Rose is the perfect blend of both!